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LS Magazine
LS Magazine-11 (Confidential)

"Confidential" is our new, extraordinary issue of LS Magazine! In this issue we tried to take off the curtain from the life of young and stunningly beautiful lolitas! And we hope that this issue will show you something, which you have not seen before or you will look at that from the new point of view! Young and stunning emancipated lolitas were pictured and filmed while enjoying every second and every minute before the camera! We beg you to sit down while watching this issue, otherwise you will fall down.....

[Image: Confidential.jpg]

LS Magazine-11 (Confidential)| Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Magazine-11 (Confidential).part1.rar

LS Magazine-11 (Confidential).part2.rar
LS Magazine-12 (Lively Pers')

We proudly present you new, so longed and wished for magazine featuring young and innocent lolitas! This issue is devoted to two beautiful girls, whose lively spirits will make you laugh and make you go crazy! These darlings are so charming, so irresistable and they will show you the way to happiness while sitting and relaxing, enjoying every free minute and the artisic representation of young women's bodies... Come on over and enjoy it...

[Image: Lively_Pers.jpg]

LS Magazine-12 (Lively Pers') | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Magazine-12 (Lively Pers).part1.rar

LS Magazine-12 (Lively Pers).part2.rar
LS Magazine-13 (Tough Stuff)

With this new issue we are trying to fulfil numerous requests of those, who love and appreciate the natural beauty of little girls, beautiful flowers. This new issue of our Magazine presents you pictures and videos featuring two charming babies, so sweet and innocent and at the same time so erotic and attractive! LS Team hopes that these girls will become your favourites and you'll love them!

[Image: tough_stuff1.jpg]

LS Magazine-13 (Tough Stuff) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Magazine-13 (Tough Stuff).part1.rar

LS Magazine-13 (Tough Stuff).part2.rar
LS Magazine-14 (Everything About Me)

We hope that this Issue of LS Magazine will satisfy most demanding lovers of young and innocenty beauty of Lolitas. Absolutely unrestrained and unceasing fun and games of these two charming and careless hooligans will definitely drive you crazy! Sometimes, you'll feel that insanity is a best word to describe their reckless characters. Please put yourself in our hands and follow your bent, follow the beauty of these enchanting babes!

[Image: Everything_AboutMe.jpg]

LS Magazine-14 (Everything About Me) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Magazine-14 (Everything About Me).part1.rar

LS Magazine-14 (Everything About Me).part2.rar
LS Magazine-15 (Spoilt Babies)

Don't stop on the threshold! Cross it and come on in to spend inderscribable hours and minutes with these exceptionally adorable babies. It is a simple matter - you'll have to ask yourself whether you really want to see wild behaviour of these naughty girls or you want to forget your inexplicable urge for pure joy and natural beauty. We know you are strong, but these little wild and insatiable things will undoubtedly drive you crazy and win your hearts! Your are the one to decide whether you want to see and feel that or not...

[Image: spoilt_babies1.jpg]

LS Magazine-15 (Spoilt Babies) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Magazine-15 (Spoilt Babies).part1.rar

LS Magazine-15 (Spoilt Babies).part2.rar
LS Magazine-16 (Trinity)

We are so happy to present you the 16 th Issue of LS Magazine! This Issue is little bit unusual for those who used to Magazines featuring only two beautiful lolitas. But for those, who remembers our past issues featuring three charming ladies, this Issue is a pleasant surprise.. In this Issue you'll see how three little darlings have fun and try different things, experience new feelings while examining each others bodies. Each one of these crazy and at the same time so attractive girls is unseparable part of a company. When they are together their internal and outer beauty is so bewitching and without any doubt can't be forgotten!

[Image: trinity1.jpg]

LS Magazine-16 (Trinity) | Full Models List (CLICK)


LS Magazine-16 (Trinity).part1.rar

LS Magazine-16 (Trinity).part2.rar

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